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The Lady Panthers Story

In 2000 C.E. , Coach Milton Kimbrough began a journey with what was the precursor to the Germantown Lady Panthers, a simple recreation team because his daughter wanted to play. He had no idea that God had bigger plans for him and the Panthers organization. ” I have been blessed by so many wonderful families.  My faith and humility has truly been the cornerstone for the program.  That’s one of the reasons we pray before we play”, says Kimbrough.

The desire to play for GLP also requires a commitment to discipline, developing your skills and IQ both on and off the court.  These key ingredients have allowed several young ladies obtain scholarships to play elite-level college basketball.  Our first scholarship athlete was Brittney Wilkins, in 2004. Brittney was a JUCO All American.  After completing her studies at Louisburg College in NC, she obtained her BA from George Mason University.  Since Brittney’s signing, the Panthers have never looked back.  Through Brittney’s experience we have learned the importance of hard work and academic excellence. The ultimate goal of GLP is to make our program, the program of choice for the serious female basketball athlete.


Focusing on development , discipline, skills and IQ of our players is what sets GLP apart from other programs. Many of our players have seen success following these priniciples.

GLP is not a business, its a family. We want players that want to be here, want to learn and that want to have fun!

Our History

2017 – Lanay Montgomery becomes the first Germantown Lady Panther drafted and signed into the WNBA

2016– The Germantown Lady Panthers is an Adidas sponsored team. We finished 4th in the Adidas Gauntlet Series and are ranked 3rd nationally by Adidas. We expanded our grass roots program to teams ranging from 4th – 8th grade. Sent|Sending 7 players to Division I and 2 players to Division II colleges.

2004– GLP has its first college recruit(s) sign.

2000– Before we were GLP we were a local recreation department team in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Awards & Honors

2011-2012 AAU Super Regionals 

2009-2010 Blue Chip– Win



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